Willows of Winchester Health & Rehabiliation Center

If you are reading this because you are looking for post acute care placement, we believe telling you about our service model is more important than conveying that we have professional therapy, nursing, dietary, social work, activity, and admissions staff. 

You can get that anywhere. 

We want you to see the stories of real people who have found 
results from our service.  We want you invite you to peek "under the hood"
 to see our most recent satisfaction scores, and, most of all, we welcome
you to stop in and let us show you around.  

We like what we are doing here.  We believe you will too.

Service delivery at the Willows is successful because all of our departments recognize that they impact the recovery and lifestyle experience of our guests.   Collectively we call this our "soup"  and all of our staff have "spoons"  both to taste and to influence change as it is needed.  We believe and attest that this works for all.   Our staff do not work for The Willows, they ARE The Willows.   When something does not taste right with the soup (performance), we jointly share opportunity and responsibility to make it right.  

Are you needing our service?  We can help you.
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